Delilah's first time sitting on a motorcycle
Delilah’s first time sitting on a motorcycle

I am 36 years old (at the time of writing this), husband of a wonderful wife who has a beautiful mind. The father of a 5-year-old girl who means the world to me, and a year and a half old boy who will probably end up giving me a heart attack before I’m 40. And I am, of course, a man.

I am starting this blog because there are a lot of great “mom” blogs out there. A lot of them have some good content. There are not so many blogs directed towards men, fathers, husbands, etc.  I would like to share the joys and pains of being who I am.  To connect with what I am…a father, a husband, a man.

I chose the domain name because I see myself as a professional daddy.  Parenting is a full-time job, I am sure not many would argue with that.  I am a professional, but I do not ever expect to master this craft.  With this blog, I plan on giving some insight to other fathers, new fathers, fathers to be, single men, even women and mothers.  I  also plan to receive some new ideas, tips, and incites that can be shared in a group format.

My hope is to post about home improvement, parenting, relationships, hobbies, working on cars, DIY projects, and many other rants, raves, and thoughts about being a professional daddy. I hope you enjoy!


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