My First Attempt at Making Mead

I love the color of the mead!
Spiced Mead

A Thought Turns into a Fun Hobby

This my not really have anything to with being a father or husband.  It is something I decided to experiment with.  Making mead, and other homebrews, is really turning into a fun hobby.   As a father and a husband, a man needs a hobby.

Last year I started making mead.  For those who don’t know what mead is, it’s essentially a wine made with honey instead of grapes.  My endeavor started out as just sort of a learning experience and experiment for myself.  Through this process, I myself and the whole family have learned a lot about wine, yeast, fermented beverages, and the whole science behind the process.

I started with this whole thing by looking for recipes on making my own root beer from scratch (still haven’t tried it yet). The recipes I had seen called for the use of a “ginger bug”, which I had no clue was.  So I had to look that up.  It’s basically a way of collecting and culturing yeast from the ginger and the air.  This in turn led me to reading about mead and how yeast would be cultured from the air, in a mixture of water and honey to produce a wine.

I had tried making my own ginger bug, for the root beer, and it was extremely easy. So as I read more about mead.  I found how simple it was and knew that this was something I could easily do.  All I needed was 3lbs of honey, water, a gallon wine jug, and my ginger bug. Easy.


A variety of my first meads

So I tried it

But I got impatient.  It can take a few months for mead to be ready drink. So in the meantime, I made some other batches using more preferred methods.  I purchased few airlocks and some champagne yeast through Amazon. And researched some more.

I had some dried hibiscus flowers and thought I might use them.  While my first batch was fermenting, I started a hibiscus mead.  While I was waiting for that one to ferment, I decided to make a cyser (mead made with apple cider in place of water).  Since I like to make things from scratch as much as possible, I bought a bunch of apple and made my own cider.  I thought cherry and apple go well together I added cherries.  I also figured that mulling spices would  create a warming effect and nice flavor.

Long story short

Three months later I had a several one gallon jugs of homemade wine ready to taste and bottle.  After months of research and testing other wines out there, learning about what to look for in tasting wines and what makes it good, I was finally ready to taste my own.  And let me tell you, not to toot my own horn, they were simply amazing. I have a bit of a biased opinion, since I did make it myself, but an artist is also his own worst critic.  While trying to grade myself harshly, all but the very first batch came out to be some of best wine I have ever had!!!

Multiple gallon jugs of mead

I was so pleased that I just had to make more!  This has definitely turned into a fun hobby. And my daughter now knows all about fermentation, yeast, carbon dioxide, and “yeast farts”, lol.

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