Children are very visual learners.  They need to be led by example.  It is important to know that what they see you doing or not doing is a lesson that you are teaching them.  Parents really need to mindful of what their child sees.  Here is a quick list of 5 things a kid needs to see their parent(s) doing or not doing.

 parenting tips, things your kid or child needs to see you do
  1. Chores Around the House

Chores will always need to be done.   Might as well get your child to help out.  They really do want to feel helpful and useful.

My 1 year old son is obsessed with vacuums, brooms, and mops.  I clean the house often and he just wants to be like daddy.  I was surprised the other day when I was doing some spring cleaning.  Out of nowhere, both kids started vacuuming the house! Of course, they needed a little help here and there, but I was so elated to see them working together and having fun.  It was great entertainment for all of us and we were accomplishing something.

  1. Reading/Learning/Studying, quest for knowledge, having a question and finding the answer

“For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that gets you.”
― Neil deGrasse Tyson

A child needs to see you always willing to learn and educate yourself.  This teaches many things.  Independence in solving problems, the importance of self education, using your brain, reading is cool.

  1. Get on their level, play games, do what they want to do, interact

Kids also need social interactions and fun time.  We don’t always need to be the parent, we also need to have fun on their level.  Put on funny costumes and pretend you’re their favorite cartoon characters, get hyper, do what they do.  For a child to respect you as a parent, they also need to respect you as a friend and playmate.

  1. Not Getting Upset

Children tend to have problems with patience.  It’s understandable, everything they do is new.  Doing anything for the first time is hard and can be frustrating.  For your child to see you in a frustrating situation and handling well teaches them patience.  They Even if you don’t have much patience yourself, being aware that your child is always learning from you may help you become more patient.

parenting tips, things your kid or child needs to see you do

  1. Be Stern

Kids are always learning, and they remember what they see and experience.  Too many warnings or saying one thing and changing your mind later is not good.   “No, you cannot have candy for breakfast” child cries and cries and screams “ok, here’s some candy”. This is teaching your child to cry and throw fit when you say no, and they get what they want.  Even if you only this once, they will always remember that one time and always try to duplicate the same outcome.

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