I am going to challenge myself to do my best at a 30 day blog post venture.  My wife and I both work full-time, Delilah is going to school soon, and Alex is a handful.  So we will see how this goes.  A good part of this idea was inspired from Fabulous Mom Blog.

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Why would I do such a thing? With how busy I have been and working strange hours, it has been difficult to post here on a regular basis.  I also need to get into the habit of working on the blog every day.  I need to build content, get myself into a routine, and share a little bit more about myself here.

The Goal

The goal here is to post something everyday for 30 days.  I know things get busy sometimes and I may not be able to make that work.  At the very least, I will not stop until I have finished with these 30 posts.  Even if I have to miss a day here or there, I will continue to try to have a new post out every day.

The Schedule

Some of these post titles may not be the deepest or most stimulating, but they will add content to this blog and give readers a better picture of me and my thoughts.  So here is the rough schedule:

Day 1 – Introduction and Recent Photo

Day 2 – 20 Facts about Me

Day 3 – My Favorite Quote

Day 4 – Picture of Our Animals

Day 5 – Top 10 Favorite Songs

Day 6 – If I Won the Lottery

Day 7 – Timeline of My Day

Day 8 – Kids Favorite TV Shows

Day 9 – Top 10 Favorite Foods

Day 10 – Top 5 Favorite Blogs

Day 11 – My Favorite Recipe

Day 12 – Where I Have Traveled

Day 13 – Why Do I Blog

Day 14 – My Views on Drugs and Alcohol in Schools

Day 15 – Views on Religion

Day 16 – 30 Interesting Facts About Myself

Day 17 – A Place I Would Like to Visit

Day 18 – Views on Mainstream Music

Day 19 – Highs and Lows of This Past Year

Day 20 – Favorite Movie

Day 21 – Random Word Searched on Google Images, My Reaction to Image                #11

Day 22 – Pet Peeves

Day 23 – My Tattoos and Their Symbolization

Day 24 – Zodiac

Day 25 –

Day 26 –

Day 27 –

Day 28 –

Day 29 –

Day 30 –








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