This is going to be a quick post today.  I could not find any of our cuter pictures of the animals, Delilah is having a sleepover with a friend and Alex sick.  So here are just a few quick snapshots of our family pets.


Our oldest pet.  She’s about 13 years old and getting around pretty well.  Starting to get a little arthritis.  Her mother was half pit bull and her father was a German Shepherd.


Not sure what breed she is.  We’re thinking maybe a mix of terrier and chihuahua.  We’ve had her since she was about a year old for 5 years or so.  She just showed up in the yard one day and hasn’t left my side since.  For years she would, literally, sit and stare at me for hours.  What a weird but lovable dog.

Our Two Cats

These are Lady and Spooky.  Lady was a rescue from a barn fire and Spooky was a stray that we found outside of our house last fall.  It was starting to get near freezing temperatures at night and she was not more than 2 months old.  We just had to bring her in from the cold.





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