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What I Can do for You?

What can this blog do for you?  I consider myself a “Jack of All Trades”.  I have had a LOT of different and unusual jobs in the past.  Everything from Hotel Bell-person to Maintenance, to videographer/editor, Airplane Mechanics, etc…and of course, a full-time parent.  I hope to have some experience that may help or, at the very least, give you something to think about.

This blog is for you
This blog is for you

This Site is About You

I am starting this blog for you.  You being the average person or parent.  This is more of a father/parent/husband blog, but really the main purpose is to communicate to the average Joe or Jane.  I want to give you some of my insights from the experiences I have had, good or bad, and some of my hobbies and interests.  I also hope to maybe receive some of your ideas and philosophies.

Do you like to cook or want to learn about cooking?

Me too.  I love food, especially good food.  I have been cooking ever since I was a child.  I remember, I must have been 8 or 9 years old when I asked for a food processor for my birthday.  The thing I love about good food is that amount the love put into it directly relates to how good it tastes.

Poached Pear, This blog is for you
Poached Pear
Are you looking for easier ways to keep your house maintained?

I have a special interest in home maintenance and upkeep.  I wouldn’t say that I am OCD, but I am certainly obsessive about some things.  I plan on writing about tips, tricks, techniques and DIY projects that can help keep your house and home running smooth.

This blog is for you
Home Improvement, DIY
Do You have, or someday want, kids?

I love my kids and everything about being a parent.  I may be odd, but I enjoy the downs as much as the ups.  I relish a challenge, and it’s a reminder that I’m a parent always striving to be the best and be better.

This blog is for you
This blog is for you
Are you a man? Or do you know a Man?

This blog is also about being a man who has manly hobbies and does man things.  I like motorcycles, making things with my bare hands (like beer), camping and survival skills, fixing things, self-defense, grilling, women, and peeing on things.

This blog is for you This blog is for you This blog is for you This blog is for you

About Me

I am the father of a 5-year-old girl and a 1 and half-year old  boy.  Husband to a wonderful and caring wife.  And Son of two caring and intelligent parents.

I have many jobs and experiences.  I have always liked the idea of doing something that the average person hasn’t.  I hope to bring some of my experiences and ideas to the public and share some thoughts, as a parent/husband/man, with the community.







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